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Here are some questions to stimulate your thought process and assist you in arriving at a decision that  comes from within. 

How did I discover Portrait Healing? Sometimes remembering why we even came across something helps us with decision making. Life presented you with this for a reason? 


What stood out to me that drew me to learn more about Portrait Healing? Get in touch with what is attracting you to Portrait Healing. 


What are my current emotional and mental well-being goals? Consider what you hope to achieve in terms of your mental health and how Portrait Healing can help.


Am I open to exploring my emotions and inner self? Reflect on your willingness to engage in introspection and self-exploration.


Have I struggled with understanding or accepting my emotions in the past? Think about whether you've faced challenges in dealing with your emotions and self-acceptance.


What are your hesitations? Naming any hesitations such as fears, or conflicts can help you gain clarity. Maybe something can be adjusted or worked with?

What about Portrait Healing excites me? Consider what aspects of Portrait Healing ignite your enthusiasm and curiosity.

What are my instincts telling me? Trust your intuition but balance it with rational analysis.

Am I open to trying unique approaches and tools for personal growth? Assess your openness to embracing innovative methods for self-improvement.


Am I committed to dedicating time and effort to my own emotional well-being? Evaluate your readiness to invest time and energy in your personal growth and healing.


Do I believe in the power of self-expression and creative outlets for emotional healing?Assess your belief in the therapeutic potential of creative expression.

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