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Now that we’ve felt out the True Mirror and Video Journaling, it’s time to get a feel of the “How to Feel Feelings” guide. Take some time to go through and read the guide. There are six steps. If you read one step a day, it will make things much more manageable. Step 5 has the most information as that is where all the prompts are. Read Step 5, but scan through the prompts to get a feel of them. No need to read all the prompts now.

In addition to getting familiar with the "How to Feel Feelings" Guide, I also want you to get familiar with some feelings regarding how you're cared for by others and yourself by asking yourself the questions below.

Also, keep working with the True Mirror and Video Journaling! You can use Video Journaling to record your answers to the questions below to knock out both tasks at the same time even! 

These questions I’d like you to ponder over the next week. To enhance your awareness, create reminders using alarms, or sticky notes or something of the like that you’ll see at least once a day with the questions as the label. These alarms are not to replace the alarms we set in the previous week, and the timing of these alarms are less important since they aim to serve as mental cues more than check ins. Developing mindfulness involves forming habits with our neural pathways that bring awareness to thoughts and actions. This is where alarms play a helpful role. As you think of any, record them either with notes, or a video journal entry! 

  • Who are the people I turn to when I am struggling and why? How can I provide this for myself?

  • What are the negative self-talk phrases your mind tells you on a regular basis? 

  • What are the positive self-talk phrases your mind tells you on a regular basis?

  • What are the positive self-talk phrases you would like to implement?

Here are some ideas to help you: Try saying these or the ones you come up with in the True Mirror. This is just one of many ways to continue building a relationship with yourself.

  • I am worth it.

  • My inner voice is my guide

  • I am enough as I am right now.

  • Self-love heals, empowers, transforms.

  • I create my reality.

  • I am resilient, unstoppable.

  • Self-compassion nurtures growth.

  • Today is a new beginning.

  • I believe in you.

  • I'm proud of you.

  • I appreciate you.

  • I am making a difference.

  • I am so resilient.

  • I bring so much joy to others.

  • I am valued and appreciated.

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