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Intentions focus on the specific goals or outcomes that individuals aim to achieve through their actions. Unlike motives, which address the "why" behind behavior, intentions answer the question of "what" someone hopes to accomplish. Intentions are typically conscious and deliberate, reflecting the purpose or aim that guides an individual's actions towards a desired outcome. They play a crucial role in goal-setting, decision-making, and planning for the future, serving as a roadmap for realizing one's aspirations and objectives. Understanding intentions offers clarity on the direction individuals wish to move towards, helping them align their actions with their desired goals and outcomes.

  1. What is the desired outcome I want to achieve in this situation? Clarify the specific goal or result you are aiming for.

  2. Why is this outcome important to me? Explore the underlying values and motivations driving your desire for this outcome.

  3. What are my priorities in this situation? Determine the factors or values that matter most to you in making a decision or taking action.

  4. What do I hope to gain or learn from this experience? Consider the potential personal growth, knowledge, or insights you expect to acquire.

  5. Am I seeking to create, change, or maintain something in my life? Define whether your intention is to create something new, modify an existing situation, or preserve the status quo.

  6. How does this intention align with my long-term goals and values? Assess whether your intention is consistent with your broader life objectives and core beliefs.

  7. What emotions or feelings are associated with this intention? Explore the emotional aspect of your intention. Are you seeking happiness, peace, fulfillment, or other emotions?

  8. What steps or actions can I take to work toward this intention? Break down your intention into practical steps or actions that can help you achieve it.

  9. Who might be affected by my intention, and how will it impact them? Consider the potential consequences of your intention on yourself and others.

  10. Is my intention based on external expectations or my authentic desires? Reflect on whether your intention is influenced by societal pressures, others' expectations, or your true wishes.

  11. Have I considered potential obstacles or challenges, and how will I address them? Anticipate any barriers that may arise on your path to achieving your intention and strategize how to overcome them.

  12. Is my intention rooted in fear, or love? Examine whether fear-based motives (e.g., avoidance) or love-based motives (e.g., growth) are driving your intention. 

  13. Do I have a plan or vision for how my intention will manifest? Visualize or outline the specific details of what achieving your intention will look like.

  14. Am I open to adapting or revising my intention as circumstances evolve? Remain flexible and open to adjustments if necessary to stay in alignment with your changing circumstances and growth.

  15. What strengths, skills, or resources can I leverage to support the realization of my intention? Identify the assets you possess that can assist you in achieving your intended goal.

  16. What external factors or environmental changes might facilitate or hinder the pursuit of my intention? Examine how your surroundings and external conditions may impact your ability to achieve your intention.

  17. How can I break down my intention into smaller, manageable steps or milestones? Create a roadmap by dividing your intention into more achievable components.

  18. How will I measure progress and success in relation to my intention? Define clear metrics or indicators that will help you assess your progress and achievements.

  19. Am I open to adjusting my intention if I discover new insights or opportunities during the journey? Embrace flexibility and adaptability in case your initial intention evolves over time.

  20. How can I infuse a sense of purpose and meaning into the pursuit of this intention? Explore ways to connect your intention to your broader life purpose and values.

  21. What rituals, practices, or routines can I incorporate to reinforce my commitment to this intention? Establish rituals or practices that serve as reminders and rituals for your intention.

  22. Is there a particular mantra, affirmation, or guiding principle that resonates with my intention? Choose a mantra or phrase that encapsulates your intention and motivates you. This is a good time to refer to the Affirmations list if you need help thinking of one.

  23. How can I celebrate and acknowledge achievements, no matter how small, in the journey toward my intention? Plan ways to reward yourself and express gratitude for your progress and accomplishments.

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