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Where am I going?

Life has felt a little tough and isolating lately and maybe even a little hopeless, but I realized recently those feelings are rooted in fears around uncertainty. I am going through so many transitions in my personal and professional life and the uncertainty coming with all of this transition makes me feel insecure, and unconfident, leaving my anxiety running fairly high.

So, I’ve been having to find grounding in uncertainty so I don’t lose my head, and as a control freak, it is a REAL meditation!

Working on flowing with uncertainty instead of being sucked into the anxiety of not knowing has been something I’ve had to work and practice at most of my adult life. I adapt well to changes when I know what changes are coming, but resist change when I don’t. But the only thing certain is that nothing is certain and this last year has been a hefty reminder of that.

It feels like my life has been slowly flashing before my eyes, bringing up all of my experiences, and complexes. An opportunity to see what still needs to be looked at and what growth I’ve made. Kind of like ingredients in a bowl, stirred together. I can feel my thought process baking it, putting it all together to produce something savory.

All I have to do is trust myself, and remain present, instead of trying to see who I can trust and control everything.

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