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Well, some how or another you’ve happened upon here. 

Perhaps you were googling “how to start feeling my feelings.”  Maybe you’re doing lots of zoom calls these days and realized you’re having a harder time reading people. Maybe you’re not familar with what Portrait Healing is and want to know more. Whatever the reason you’ve found yourself here, you’re definitely in the right place.

So what is Portrait Healing?

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly analyzing others non verbal behaviors in order to respond in relatable ways. These subconscious tools have been innate in us since birth, but what if we used them on ourselves?


What would I look like? What non-verbal behaviors would I see that I otherwise wouldn't be aware of? Most of us aren’t running to the mirror to study how our negative feelings affect us. When we are at the mirror, we put on a facade for ourselves so we can feel presentable to the outside world.


Using imagery of the self under the microscope of nonverbal communication gives us the tools to deduce the impact of our emotions, paving the way towards self awareness and self compassion. In turn, we then are able to understand and relate to people better. 


It makes us better parents, teachers,  counselors, sales people, partners etc. Even someone on the autism spectrum could find great use of these tools.

“I found the muse in myself. And I loved her fiercely.”

-Annie Finch

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