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The True Mirror Company, founded by John Walter in 1992, was born from his discovery a decade earlier. He found that by aligning two mirrors at right angles, a true image reflection could be achieved, a concept patented in 1887 but considered a curiosity.


What made his discovery unique was the genuine happiness he saw in this mirror, especially in his natural smiles. Unlike regular mirrors where smiles often felt forced and faded quickly, this mirror captured a lasting, authentic smile.


John's innovation involved using front surface mirrors to eliminate the seam between them, allowing for genuine eye contact with oneself. After many trials, he created an optically perfect, seamless true image mirror.

The True Mirror offers an exceptionally profound experience, and we're truly privileged to collaborate with John Walter and his "True Mirror"

Below are some reaction video of people seeing themselves for the first time in the True Mirror, as well as an another video that explains why regular mirrors distort our sense of self. 

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