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Why Portrait Healing Matters?

Portrait Healing equips us with the language of our emotions which helps us understand and regulate our emotions effectively. Imagine a life where emotions are not chaotic, unpredictable forces, but rather tools in your hands, ready to be used purposefully and constructively. This is the transformation that Portrait Healing offers. By embracing this  journey, you'll gain the power to control the burn of emotions, instead of letting the burn control you!

What is Portrait Healing?

Portrait Healing is a unique twist on self portraiture as a form of art therapy working on our self image from the inside out! Portrait Healing is a 4-session online course, spanning 1 month that teaches a combination of customizable tools and guides that provide you with the empowerment to:

  • Feel: Experience your feelings authentically, without judgment.

  • Express: Give voice to your emotions and feelings.

  • Process: Dive deep into your inner self, exploring the root of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Recover: Find a path to healing and self-acceptance.

Benefits of Portrait Healing?

  • Cultivates deep self-love and enhances self-image.

  • Boosts cognitive abilities, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

  • Encourages embracing true emotions and vulnerability as strengths.

  • Facilitates detachment from codependent style relationships

  • Eliminates insecurities through experiential clarity

  • Reduces stress via emotional release and understanding.

  • Develop tools for managing emotions effectively

  • Enhances emotional communication skills.

  • Improves interpersonal relationships through self-understanding

  • Empowers you to tackle emotional challenges

The Portrait Healing Toolkit

The True Mirror (click here to learn more about the True Mirror)

Experience a unique non-reversing mirror that reveals your true image as perceived by others.

"How to Feel Feelings" Guide:

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide that you can personalize to help you navigate your emotional landscape

Emotional Processing Prompts:

Utilize prompts that guide individuals in exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of their emotions.

Video Journaling:

A cathartic practice used to express thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences through recorded video, enabling introspection and reflection.


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