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During the first week, we take a gentle approach to ease you into the heart of this workshop. The primary goal is straightforward: Spend time with the True Mirror and create one Video Journal. We recommend not attempting both simultaneously; instead, engage with each tool individually. We will be combining them later.

Prior to beginning both exercises, note your current emotions using the emotional wheel by listing them. Afterward, with a different color, list any new feelings and put a line through any feelings that may have dissipated. Make sure to note which color corresponds to before and after. This exercise is great for tracking your feelings through the exercise, the course, and beyond!

With the True Mirror, this time is meant for familiarizing yourself with yourself; No need for a full conversation. Greet yourself with a smile. Create a playful expression. Generate laughter by thinking of something amusing (or search for jokes online) and watch yourself react. Feel free to refer to the prompts in the grey box to aid in this part of the practice.


*Note - Initiating conversation with ourselves is going to feel weird, and that's totally normal. In fact, if it doesn't feel a little strange, you’re not doing it right. Beginning a conversation with yourself is much like you would with another person - it's going to feel awkward. Move through it and conversation will get easier. Consider how we need to observe someone before we naturally feel inclined to start a conversation with them.  The same if true when it's our own reflection.

  • Sing/Recite your favorite song

  • Introduce yourself the same way you would to a new person

  • Say your favorite jokes

  • Share a favorite memory

  • Talk on the phone with someone while looking in the mirror

  • Talk about a highlight of the day

  • Sing the ABC’s

  • Make different faces at yourself (silly, happy, sad, angry, thoughtful)

  • Talk about what you do for work or for fun.

  • Share what you are passionate about.

With Video Journaling, this is an opportunity to record you sharing about your day, or something light like recording you making dinner. Anything is worth recording here, no matter how mundane. Once you’ve made the Video Journal entry, play it back. See yourself exist. Pay attention to the sensations that come. Pause the video to be able to check in with yourself fully. In case you need some inspiration on what to record, check out some ideas in the grey box below.

  • Daily Reflections: Share a brief overview of your day, highlighting any significant events or emotions you experienced.

  • Nature Walks: Record your thoughts and observations while taking a walk in a park or nature setting.

  • Cooking or Baking: Capture yourself preparing a meal or trying out a new recipe while discussing your day.

  • Talk about work: Share about your job, and talk about your responsibilities there.

  • Reading Excerpts: Record your thoughts on a book you're reading or share a favorite passage that resonates with you.

  • Mindful Breathing: Practice a short mindfulness session, focusing on your breath, and share how it made you feel.

  • Music Reflection: Play a favorite song and discuss why it holds significance for you.

  • Travel Memories: Reflect on past travels or destinations you'd like to visit, sharing memories and aspirations.

  • Gratitude Moments: Talk about things you're grateful for and why they bring positivity to your life.

  • DIY Projects: Document yourself working on a DIY project and share your thoughts on the creative process.

  • Inspiring Quotes: Discuss the meaning of an inspiring quote or message that resonates with you.

  • Reviewing Goals: Share updates on your personal or professional goals and reflect on your progress.

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