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Decide which way you’ll recover and move towards coming back to the real world and write it down. Feel free to use the list for inspiration. This step is REALLY important. This is where we reward and give care to ourselves for allowing us to move through.

This step holds immense significance in your emotional journey. It's akin to receiving a comforting hug from a friend after opening up about your feelings. It's through this process that you teach yourself what love and support truly mean. You deserve to feel your emotions and receive support and care afterward; this is where love is genuinely experienced.


By completing this entire process, you affirm to yourself that you can feel, express, process, and recover from your emotions independently. When we nurture such a self-reliant relationship, it makes those moments when external support isn't available much more manageable.


There are various ways to choose to recover, however we want to make sure they are healthy! Healthy activities send the message to yourself that you are worthy of this kind of attention and care.


Please refer to the “Recovery” list for some ideas on what to do for this step.

Here are some ideas for healthy ways to recover from your feelings. These are not the only options, but they all share the quality of feeling gentle and comforting, like a warm hug. Think about the feeling you get when you sip something warm on a cold day; that's the kind of comforting experience you're aiming for in the recovery step.

  • Peaceful walk outdoors focusing on sights and sounds, to help keep you present.

  • Cuddle with a pet

  • Brew a comforting cup of tea and enjoy it in comfy space

  • Relax in a cozy spot while listening to an uplifting song.

  • Dance

  • Self hug

  • Warm bath/shower

  • Slower yoga 

  • Eat comfort food

  • Changing into soft and comfy clothing (put them in the dryer before you start for added effect)

  • Take deep breaths in and slowly hum out. 

Remember, if it doesn’t feel like a warm hug, then don’t do it. But just for some clarity, review the list below to get an idea of what an unhealthy recovery activity would be.

  • Smoking

  • Watching TV

  • Reading (while this is actually a healthy activity overall, doing this directly after can be distracting from the “hug”you are trying to give yourself.

  • Calling a friend

  • Getting on social media

  • Reading emails

  • Eating unhealthy/processed foods

  • Consuming alcohol

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