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Set at least a 5 min timer. This will serve as a mental cue to end and move to next step.

In this step, the goal is to simply be present with your emotions. Take mental note of any thoughts that arise and any bodily sensations you may experience. Keep your breath relaxed, as maintaining relaxation signals to your mind that your body is safe. When our breath becomes stressed, it tells the brain that we are in danger, activating protective mechanisms that hinder vulnerability or in other words, the allowing of feelings. Recognizing these primal instincts can help us overcome them, allowing our emotions to surface more naturally. Repeating the affirmation "I am safe" can also be helpful in this step.


Make sure to use that comfy spot you created for your meditation! Also, start that timer of at least 5 minutes. Doing this helps us move out of the state of feeling and into expressing. We often get stuck in feeling and so having this timer serves as a way to help us regulate and move forward to complete the cycle of feeling.

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