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Decide what meditation you’d like to sit with. I have provided a list of various kinds, but feel free to use your own. A minimum of 5 mins is preferred. Pull it up on your device and connect your headphones. Make yourself a comfy spot. Sit in it to make sure it doesn’t need adjustment before moving on.

This step is vital for relaxing your subconscious and getting grounded. I recommend trying all the meditations before settling on a favorite. Listen to meditations with headphones. They are required for the full effect. It may feel difficult to sit still, and that is totally normal. When you feel yourself getting distracted, try to focus on your breath. Our attention span is like a muscle and we have to build it up. Make sure to put your phone on “do not disturb” so you can avoid any added distraction!


**I've tried many meditations and music, and these have consistently worked for myself and others. Explore YouTube for more options once you discover a meditation style you enjoy; you might find something even better than my suggestions.**


Scan the QR Code or click the link below for the playlist with all the meditations!

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